Rotary India Literacy Mission

The Rotary India Literacy Mission is an initiative of Rotary South Asia Society for Development and Cooperation. RILM’s objectives are Total literacy and Quality Education in India. RILM has designed a comprehensive program “T-E-A-C-H” where T stands for Teacher Support, E for E-learning, A for Adult Literacy, C for Child Development and H for Happy Schools.

  • Teacher Support program aims is to improve the professional abilities and performances of teachers through training, recognition to outstanding teachers and supplementing the efforts of teachers through volunteer teachers in schools.
  • E-learning program of RILM aims at improving the quality of teaching and learning through the use of Curriculum based audio visual modules in local languages. The hardware used is installed in LCD projectors and/or Television with content in android box.
  • Adult Literacy program seeks to impart functional literacy to non-literate adults (15+ ages) across India and then engage literate young adults in skill development training through various resource organizations.
  • Child Development program of RILM also known as Asha Kiran …a ray of hope is to bring /send out of school children back to schools. The program is currently being implemented in 15 states of India in partnership with 30 Non-Government Organizations.
  • Under Happy School program, selected Govt/Govt-aided primary and elementary schools are provided with /upgrade specific infrastructural facilities to create a joyful teaching learning experience.

Each of these programs has a specific focus and is interlinked with each other in achieving the common goal of bringing total literacy and improving the learning outcomes of primary education, in various parts of the country.

Understanding the enormity of the task, we have decided to adopt and implement through T-E-AC-H, a strategy of meaningful cooperation with all actors in the field, by forging strong partnerships with Government, Corporate, National/State specific Non-Governmental organizations as well as international organizations working in various segments of this countrywide endeavor.