July 2021 invoices will be available at My Rotary by the mid of July 2021. Hard copy of the invoice will be sent to clubs which have not opted out of paper invoice.

Clubs are required to pay the balance upon receipt of the invoice.

The clubs are Subject to termination for nonpayment of dues 120 days after the club invoice is issued

You are authorized to pay member dues if you are a Rotary club president, secretary executive secretary/director, treasurer’ membership chair, or Rotary Foundation chair and your position is reported with RI.

Find your club invoice in the Club Finances section of Club  Administration.

Clubs in India can make payment either by way of cheque/demand draft in favour of “Rotary International South Asia Office or by way of NEFT/ RTGS to the virtual  account mentioned in the invoice. Please  note the virtual accounts are club specific. The amount should be paid at the prevailing RI exchange rate.

  • If you make the payment by cheque, please mention your club’s name & number and the invoice number on the reverse of it.
  • Mail the bottom portion of the invoice and your cheque to the address on the invoice.Clubs outside India may either make the payment to respective fiscal agent or by online.
  • Find your Daily Club Balance Report in the Club Finances section of Club Administration. The information in this report is updated regularly and will reflect recent payments and member adjustments.
  • District governors and assistant governors can also view this report.

If You have reported the email addresses of your club officers and/or your club’s permanent email address, you will receive an email notification when your invoice is ready to be viewed Online, You will receive the paper invoice If you have not reported club officers’ names and email addresses or if you have not opted out of receiving the paper invoice.

Select Edit invoice preferences in the Club Finances section of Club Administration.You can change your delivery option before 1 January or1 July for each invoice period.

Your club invoice is calculated by the number of members in Rotary’s database on 1 January and 1 July. You should register new members and remove terminated members within 30 days, or by 1 January or1 July, whichever is sooner.

Membership is calculated based on a member’s admission or termination date, and not the date the change was entered. For example, if a club officer removes a member from the club’s membership list on 28 December, but enters 27 January for the effective date, that member will still be included on the club’s January invoice because they are still an active member on 1 January.

Clubs are billed for all active members as of 1 January and 1 July and are required to pay the amount that appears on the invoice. It is essential to keep your club’s member data current so you receive a correct invoice.

You must make updates to your magazine subscription information by 1 January and 1 July.

Report subscription changes (switching from The Rotarian to an approved regional magazine or vice versa, or a change in delivery format. including bulk distribution) to Data Services at and to the regional magazine’s office, if applicable. The subscription 10 the chosen publication will continue for the entire billing period.

You can update your club membership in Club Administration or email RI Data Services at [email protected].

Club officers can find their official member list by going to the Club Reports section of Reports.